Accreditation Process for the UNT System College of Pharmacy (SCP)


The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) Board of Directors reviewed the Doctor of Pharmacy program at the University of North Texas System College of Pharmacy for purposes of granting Precandidate accreditation status at its June 19-23, 2013, meeting. This review was based upon due consideration of the Evaluation Team Report dated April 30-May 1, 2013, documenting the findings from the comprehensive on-site evaluation, the College’s application materials, other communications received from the institution, and discussions via conference call during the June 2013 Board of Directors meeting with the College Dean and other University and College representatives.

Following discussion of the program, it was the decision of the ACPE Board of Directors that Precandidate accreditation status of the Doctor of Pharmacy program be granted. The professional program of the College and its accreditation status will be designated on ACPE’s web site, Notice of the accreditation status of the program will also appear in the ACPE Report of the Proceedings, to be distributed during July 2013.

Granting of Precandidate accreditation status brings no rights or privileges of accreditation as associated with either candidate status of fully accredited status. Precandidate accreditation status indicates only that planning has taken into account ACPE standards and guidelines and suggests reasonable assurance of moving to the next step, that of Candidate accreditation status. Since Precandidate accreditation status does not create any rights of accreditation under the ACPE standards, it is the opinion of ACPE that graduates of programs of Colleges of Schools of Pharmacy that bear Precandidate accreditation status do not meet the educational requirements for licensure.

For an explanation of the ACPE accreditation process, consult the Office of the Dean or the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education, 135 South LaSalle Street, Suite 4100, Chicago, Illinois 60603, 312-664-3575; FAX 312-664-4652; website

Timeline for Implementing the UNT System College of Pharmacy
Date Action Status
Jun 2011

UNT System College of Pharmacy authorized by Texas Legislature


Jul 2011

Tina Machu, PhD, named interim dean
Fund-raising efforts initiated
Committee formed to design curriculum framework


Fall 2011

Curricular framework designed
Initiated development of draft ACPE application for pre-candidate status
Initiated recruiting of leadership team

Jan 2012 Myron K. Jacobson, PhD appointed founding dean
Submitted draft ACPE application for pre-candidate status
Feb 2012

On-site consultation with J. Gregory Boyer, PhD, ACPE staff
Tina K. Machu, RPh, PhD appointed Assoc. Dean for Academic Affairs

Mar 2012

Lawrence J. Cohen, PharmD, appointed Assoc. Dean for Clinical Programs
Lisa Killam-Worral, PharmD, appointed Director for Experiential Education
Antonia Kilpatrick, JD, appointed Director of Admissions, Recruitment & Outreach

Apr 2012 Submit Application for Accreditation to ACPE for pre-candidate status Completed
Apr-Dec 2012 Recruitment of additional faculty & staff
Curriculum development continuing
Jun 2012 Appear before ACPE Board  Completed
Fall 2012 Michael Jann, PharmD, chosen Chair of Pharmacotherapy
Iok-Hou Pang, PhD, appointed Chair of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dec 2012

Submit updated application to ACPE for pre-candidate status 

Jan-Dec 2013

Ongoing recruitment of additional faculty & staff
Ongoing curriculum development


Jan 2013

Conference with ACPE Board for authorization to proceed Completed

Jan 2013

ACPE Board authorization to proceed granted Completed

Spring 2013

ACPE on-site evaluation

Jun 2013 Submit any requested additional materials for June ACPE Board meeting Completed
Jun 2013 ACPE decision on pre-candidate status - Pre-candidate status granted Completed
Aug 2013 Matriculation of first PharmD class Completed
Jan-Dec 2014 Ongoing recruitment of additional faculty & staff
Ongoing curriculum development

Mar-Apr 2014 On-site ACPE evaluation to assess candidate status
Jun 2014 ACPE decision on candidate status
Jan-Dec 2015

Ongoing recruitment of faculty & staff
Ongoing curriculum development

Jan-Dec 2016 Ongoing recruitment of additional faculty & staff
Ongoing curriculum development

Jan-May 2016 On-site ACPE evaluation to continue candidate status
Jun 2016 ACPE Board decision on continuation of candidate status
Jan-Dec 2017 Ongoing recruitment of additional faculty & staff
Ongoing curriculum development

Jan-May 2017 On-site evaluation to assess readiness for full accreditation status
May 2017 First class of PharmD students graduates
June 2017 ACPE decision on full accreditation

Complaints about Accreditation Standards or SCP Policies and Procedures

A student who has a concern regarding an ACPE accreditation standard may make a formal complaint.  The ACPE recommends that the student submit the complaint to the SCP Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for review and determination by the SCP administration.  The decision will be transmitted to the student in writing.  If the student thinks that he/she did not receive due process, then the student may contact the ACPE.  In addition, if the student perceives a serious problem with a standard, then he/she may bypass SCP Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and contact the ACPE directly at:

Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education
135 S. LaSalle Street, Suite 4100
Chicago, Illinois 60603-4810
Phone: 312-664-3575
Fax: 312-664-4652

Additional information about the complaints process may be found at:

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