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Behavioral & Community Health Faculty

Faculty Participating in Summer Intern Programs:

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Meyer Brenner, PhD
Professor - SPH Behavioral & Comm Health
Dept: Behavioral & Community Health
Address: EAD-711A
Phone: 817-735-5430
Email: harvey.brenner@unthsc.edu
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Roberto Cardarelli, DO, MPH
Associate Professor - SPH Behavioral & Comm Health, Medical Director, Central Clinic; Director/Division of Research (DOR), Director/Center for Evidence-Based Medicine, Executive Director and Founder/Primary Care Research Institute/NorTex
Dept: Behavioral & Community Health
Address: Ead 1-731
Phone: 817-735-0282
Email: Roberto.Cardarelli@unthsc.edu
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Mary Luna Hollen, PhD, RD, LD
Project Manager
Dept: Behavioral & Community Health
Address: Unthsc/Sph
Phone: 817-735-2609
Fax: 817-556-9917
Email: Mary.LunaHollen@unthsc.edu
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