Biostatistics and Epidemiology


Sharon Homan, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
UNTHSC School of Public Health

The Department of Biostatistics includes faculty with expertise in survival analysis, clinical trials, sequential analysis, regression methods, multivariate analysis, robust inference, multistate cancer modeling, data management and information systems. The department promotes statistical practice, applications, and research in the design and analysis of research studies, in the preparation of data monitoring, in evaluating the accumulating evidence for safety and efficacy, in the development and application of statistical methods in medical and biomedical sciences, in training graduate students, and in collaborating with basic and clinical science investigators. The department administers the Master of Public Health degree in biostatistics with an emphasis in either biometry or clinical research.

For admissions information, please contact Ms. Liz Medders or call 1-877-868-7741.

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This page last updated 09th Apr 2013