Classroom and Event Technology Services

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Classroom Setup 

Our classrooms can be configured for lectures, presentations, or events. Contact us and we can make sure a classroom is prepared for your class or event.

Video Streaming 

Events, classes and presentations can be viewed through the Internet. We can help you stream video, audio and presentation materials. Contact our office for help in determining which delivery option best meets the needs of your event.

iTunes U Podcasting 

We can help you upload recorded lectures, presentations and other material to share on iTunes University. Contact our office to discuss creating a podcast on the UNT Health Science Center's iTunes U account.

Equipment Check-Out/Rentals 

A variety of audiovisual equipment is available for meetings, guest lectures, conferences and other types of events. Portable projectors, screens, laptops, microphones & sound systems are some examples of the available resources. Contact our office for availability and information related to renting equipment.

Video Conferencing 

Connect with others using our secure video conferencing clients and rooms. Our video conferencing suites enable you to talk with multiple locations. For more information or questions please contact our office for availability. Rooms must be reserved prior to use. 

For CETS Services email or call (817) 735-2481; (817) 735-2479.

This page last updated 16th Sep 2013