Center for Fluorescence Technologies and Nanomedicine

The Center for Fluorescence Technologies and Nanomedicine (CFTN) former Center for Commercialization of Fluorescence Technologies (CCFT) is located in the Department of Cell Biology and Immunology at the University of North Texas Health Science in Fort Worth, Texas.

The Center was founded by laboratories of Drs. Gryczynski (Fluorescence), Dr. Ben Harris (Protein Chemistry) and Dr. Julian Borejdo (Muscle Science) in 2006.

The CFTN includes three spectroscopic laboratories, protein chemistry laboratory, peptide and organic chemistry laboratory, muscle research facility, surface preparation and chemistry preparation rooms, with a total area 3,200 sq. ft., plus 650 sq. ft. of faculty offices.


Research emphasis:

Optical and Quantum Processes to Study Biological System in Nanoscale: Proteins, DNA/RNA, Cells, Tissue

Spectroscopy and Fluorescence: Absorption (Spectra, Linear Dichroism): Fluorescence, Phosphorescence

Time-Resolved Spectroscopy: Time-Resolved Fluorescence and Phosphorescence; Excited State Processes

Molecular/Macro molecular Dynamics: Protein Dynamics; Protein Dissociation/Association DNA/RNA

Multi-Photon Processes: Multi-Photon Induced Fluorescence (Two-Photon, Three-Photon, Four-Photon Excitation); Light Quenching by Stimulated Emission; Two-Pulse Fluorescence

Imaging: Cell; Tissue

Fluorescence Based Sensing: Novel Sensing; Enhanced Immunoassays

Nanotechnology and Plasmonics: Metal Enhanced Fluorescence; Surface Plasmon Coupled Emission; Surface Plasmon Assisted Microscopy

Fluorescence Microscopy: Single Molecule and FCS; TIRF/SPCE Confocal Microscope

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