Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance

All students are required to have health insurance and must obtain and maintain health insurance coverage while enrolled at the UNT Health Science Center. Students will be charged for health insurance coverage unless a waiver has been submitted. Students who find themselves without coverage due to age limitations or employment changes should contact Student Health Insurance to obtain insurance coverage as soon as possible.


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All claims questions should be directed to United Healthcare Student Resources 1-866-429-4868


Contact Student Health Insurance in the Office of Student Affairs at 817-735-2505 or check out our FAQ!

Insurance Enrollment

• New student enrollment or waiver of insurance information will be provided during orientation.

TCOM, PA, and PT

Students enrolled in the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, School of Health Professions are required to enroll in an annual plan or waive out with the understanding that their insurance must be in effect for the full school year and meet the minimum comparable coverage guidelines.

GSBS, SPH, and College of Pharmacy

Students enrolled in the School of Public Health; Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences; and College of Pharmacy will be required to enroll or waive coverage during the Fall and Spring terms of enrollment. Alternate insurance must meet the minimum comparable coverage guidelines.

Enrollment is now CLOSED
Next enrollment period will be Fall 2014.  For short-term coverage, contact
Student Health Insurance

Enrollment is now OPEN
for Spring 2014. Deadline for waiver is January 22, 2014. For short-term coverage, contact
Student Health Insurance

Waiver Requirements

Comparable coverage for 2013-2014 should include:

• $500,000 individual minimum paid benefit per injury or illness
• Individual deductible not to exceed $1,000 per policy year or family deductible not to exceed $5,000
• Some level of in-patient and out-patient Mental Health Benefits
• Primary Care Services (physician office visits), as well as urgent and emergency room care
• Some level of prescription drug coverage

International Student coverage should also include (in addition to the above):

• Policy written in English
• Policy must pay for treatment in the U.S.
• Repatriation insurance coverage of at least $10,000*
• Evacuation insurance coverage of at least $7,500.*
*If your plan does not include repatriation and evacuation, but meets all other criteria, a separate policy covering repatriation insurance may be purchased.

Should you have further questions you may contact Student Health Insurance in the Office of Student Affairs at 817-735-2505.

Michelle's Law

Michelle's Law prohibits group plans from terminating a college student's health insurance coverage based on the student taking a medically necessary leave of absence from school or changing to a part-time status.  Coverage is extended for at least one year.

The key requirements are:

  • Must be medically necessary
  • Must have written certification by the physician recommending the leave or change in enrollment status
  • Student must have been enrolled in the group plan before the first day of leave
  • Student is responsible for the cost of coverage

Click here for information relative to the Student Health Clinic.

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